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ceremony grand exit

Thinking about doing a wedding ceremony grand exit?

Why not kick the celebration off early and give your adoring family and friends a chance to cheer as you burst through the doors as newly weds?!

If it were up to us ever couple would do a ceremony grand exit! We love them because it provides another opportunity to capture some really genuine moments between you and your guests.

We’ve pulled together a few of our favorites from past weddings to help you find the grand exit that is perfect for you!

Wedding Ceremony Grand Exit Ideas

Second Line Parade

ceremony grand exit ceremony grand exit ceremony grand exit

A popular tradition at New Orleans weddings, a second line parade has to be our favorite wedding ceremony exit we’ve seen!

Led by a brass band, you, your beloved and all of your wedding guests parade from the ceremony to the reception venue, dancing and celebrating. Getting married in the same spot as your reception? Then decide on a parade route that makes sense for you and get to dancing!

It is a joyous moment for everyone and it sure offered up some epic photo opportunities!

Balloon Release

ceremony grand exit ceremony grand exit ceremony grand exit ceremony grand exit

A balloon release makes for a fun and cheerful wedding ceremony grand exit.

This one definitely requires some coordination. Put a few people in charge of balloon wrangling and distribution and be sure that everyone knows exactly when they are supposed to release their balloons.

You could even step it up a notch and ask everyone to send their balloon off with a wish for your new lives together. It’s a pretty powerful image to see all of those balloons, or well wishes, drifting off in your honor.

Rice Toss

ceremony grand exit ceremony grand exit ceremony grand exit ceremony grand exit

Tossing rice is a classic tradition for wedding ceremony exits. Apparently it actually is not harmful to birds, so we have learned, but you still may have some resistance from your venue. While it is a fun tradition to uphold, you will definitely want to get the okay before stocking up on rice.

If a rice toss is your preferred choice you can have fun finding the perfect way to distribute the rice for your guests. You can tie them up in little sachets or provide little vials, which is a cute idea that also serves as a little wedding keepsake for your guests!

Ribbon Wands

ceremony grand exit ceremony grand exit ceremony grand exit ceremony grand exit

Ribbon wands make a fun and whimsical prop to get your guests started as soon as you are officially married!

Have them on your guests seats at the beginning of the ceremony with a little card giving them a hint about when they are to use their little wands.

While they can certainly use them whenever you desire, having them wave them in celebration as you parade back down the aisle is a great way to send you off with style.

Personalize your wands with ribbons with your name and wedding date, or a short message on them. Add some extra flair by attaching little bells to the wand, too! These wands will make a perfect souvenir for your guests to remember your wedding day!

Confetti Toss

ceremony grand exit ceremony grand exit

Another way to add some color and pizzazz to your ceremony exit is to give your guests confetti to throw. The bright colors add some fun and whimsy to your photos.

Be sure designate someone to clean up the confetti or look into biodegradable options so that you aren’t littering!

Honestly, the key to a great grand exit is to do something that best represents you as a couple! Adding personal touches makes it all the more memorable!

Don’t forget the reception grand exit, too! Check out our reception grand exits blog post to find some fun ideas to exit with style and a bit of fanfare!

Happy wedding planning!
We wish you a lifetime of love and adventure!
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