ON THE ROAD: A Quick Trip To Wildwood NJ


A quick trip to Wildwood NJ for our 9th wedding anniversary!

I spent the entirety of my youth going down the shore from Upstate NY and it is also where Christy and I spent our first summer together in 1999. We try to return for at least a weekend when we get the chance to reminisce about long days on the beach and magical nights on the boardwalk.

This was our first year back since my family sold their house on 14th street, so we decided to stay at the StarLux, a retro boutique hotel down by the Convention Center. We tried to book one of their vintage airstream trailers, but they were all booked up! Next trip. 🙂 If you ever get a chance to visit, I would recommend walking the boardwalk to find relics of the decades past still lingering on the boards. This year I found a Williams Slugfest Pinball Machine that I hadn’t seen since the early 90’s still spitting out the original Topps cards! There was also a piece of the classic coaster/dark ride the Golden Nugget (built in 1960 and torn down in 2009) on display on one of the piers. And don’t forget to stop by a Photo Booth to commemorate the trip! We still have our first strip from ’99!

Triptych-1 Wildwood-iPhone Wildwood-iPhone-2 Wildwood Wildwood-2 Wildwood-3 Wildwood-5 Wildwood-6


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